AC Power Supplies

Konzept produces magnetic voltage stabilizers. Extensive device designs often result in greater susceptibility to interference from the supply network. The magnetic voltage stabilizer regulates system fluctuations, suppresses voltage peaks and bridges short-term power interruptions. Robust technology in the SD, SDM and SV series voltage regulators ensures long-lasting, reliable operation, even in harsh environments. The magnetic voltage stabilizer takes advantage of the properties of ferromagnetic material and consists essentially of a special transformer and a capacitor.

To increase the power parallel connection of the same sizes is possible. In the case of an interconnection to a three-phase system, the same load should be sought for both phases - we recommend a star connection here. In case of unequal load, the chained voltage may deviate up to 35% from the nominal value. SV series magnetic voltage stabilizers are completely impervious to dust and water due to their IP65 rating.