DC Power Supplies

Our product portfolio includes primary switching regulators and battery chargers as well as DC-DC converters and transformer power supplies. Series NEK and NSP (primary switching regulators) have a temperature-controlled power limitation and provide overload and short circuit protection. The power supply units can be easily mounted on DIN EN 50022-35 DIN rails using a slide. Output powers from 120 W to 960 W can be selected with corresponding output currents from 5 A to 40 A. NEK and NSP are approved according to EN 60950 and according to UL / CSA. Also we have battery chargers of the series VIL and LAP and LAS. In addition to securing a gentle charge of lead acid batteries, the 24 V DC chargers have a high degree of efficiency with low weight. For cooling a free air convection is sufficient.

The LAP series meet high safety and EMC standards and is approved according to EN 60950.
The chargers LAP and LAS are designed in primary switching regulator technology.
The LAS additionally fulfills the requirements for NiCD batteries with 20 cells.

We also manufacture WAB series DC / DC converters in rugged, industrial design. The converters WAB generate a stabilized output voltage with the lowest ripple even with fluctuating input DC voltage.