UPS-Modul series TWIN C in 12V DC / 24V DC with 5A to 40A and 48V DC with 10A

The TWIN C consists of a DC UPS module with battery charger and UPS controller and is available in 12 V DC, 24 V DC and 48 V DC. Designed for combined use with upstream PSR power supplies, the TWIN switches the output to battery supply with absolutely no interruption in the event of a power failure. The charging current is adjustable to match the installed battery capacity.

• DC UPS module with battery integrated charging- and UPS function designed for the combined operation with a switch  mode power supply
• will switch over to battery supply without any interruption in case of mains failure
• integrated battery depths discharging protection with automatically disconnection of the electrical load
• integrated battery test with warning indication
• temperature controlled battery charging
• time/load bridging time selectable
• adjustable power fail limit
• adjustable battery charging current to match installed battery capacity

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