In today's automation, protection against voltage drops is indispensable. The product portfolio of Konzept contains uninterruptible power supplies for AC voltage of the RUBIN series, but only the on-line systems. Here, the AC UPS system is connected between the mains and the consumer.

In normal operation, the electronic load is first supplied by converting the AC voltage to DC voltage (necessary for charging the battery) and then converting the DC voltage to AC voltage again. In the event of a voltage drop below a specified value or even a complete voltage failure, an absolutely uninterruptible switchover to the battery takes place. The load can also be supplied with an AC input voltage without any interruption by means of the downstream inverter. AC UPS systems of the RUBIN series are designed as on-line continuous converters according to EN 50091-3. They are equipped with a standard RS 232 interface.

Rubin Plus

230V AC-UPS up to 3000VA

Application-specific AC-UPS

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