All-In-One UPS

DCU 2403

The external power supply unit DCU 2403 is designed as an uninterruptible power supply in a compact metal housing. The output voltage is switchable (24V DC / 12V DC). Connection to the fire alarm panel is possible via the plug-in adapter card.

DCU 2401 R2

The DCU 2401 R2 is used for uninterruptible power supply (UPS) of alarm devices, signaling devices and linear fire detectors according to EN 54-4.


All-In-One UPS-System KUB in 12V with 4,5A to 8A and in 24V with 2A to 8A


All-In-One DC-UPS-system with power supply, charger and energy store


The LLT 2401-0,2 is an All-In-One UPS in compact design with double layer capacitors as energy storage for grid protection

Application-specific All-In-One UPS

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