Light call system

The systems, also known as "nurse call systems", ensure communication between patients and staff.
They are used, for example, in hospitals and nursing homes and as emergency call systems in lifts,
so that people can be alerted and especially in extraordinary situations or unusual situations.


Fire alarm technology

A fire outbreak triggers - depending a whole chain of
measures - depending on the type of building - in the
event of a power failure or a voltage
interruption of the power supply by UPSs.
These include alerting the fire brigade,
opening of smoke extraction systems and
the triggering of a stationary object extinguishing system.
In addition, fire compartments can be created in industrial buildings, hospitals or libraries after a fire alarm has been triggered.
After a fire detector has been triggered
e.g. by automatically closing the doors.
from each other. With rail-bound
conveyor systems of intralogistics systems, transport containers are
containers which are immediately removed automatically from
from corresponding separation area.


Examplesystem: DCU 2401 R2 or DCU 2403



Building technology

Everything that is available today as a "SmartHome" for private users, is also available in similar form in an industrial version, especially for public buildings, industrial plants or office towers. This can be used, for example, to control the flow of visitors. For example, only a certain number of people are allowed to be in a room, for example
the entrances do not open again until some visitors of the have left the room.








Access control

In addition to securing access to a building, it is also a question of
unhindered exit in the event of an emergency.
Turnstiles for the separation of persons and access
systems with badges ensure orderly entry. On the other hand
Secondly, all doors must be able to be opened or automatically
set to the safety position so that people can leave the building immediately in an emergency!

DC UPSs from KONZEPT guarantee this also in
in various well-known historical buildings.




Protection technology

This area includes, among other things, the safeguarding of water level measurements and seismographs for flood and earthquake protection.
Furthermore, monitoring techniques are used for
production islands in the automotive sector. Thus a
synchronous standstill is initiated as soon as malfunctions occur in
individual components occur.
Up to this point you have heard the word "safe" many times.
times. In this section it now plays a double role:
UPSs secure safety-relevant systems so that the latter
systems do what they are supposed to do:
Protect people and save lives. Even in the event of
power failure.