Environmental engineering

Renewable energies

Who does not want "green electricity" from the socket? Parallel to the increasing demand for renewable energies the safety requirements for wind, solar and biogas plants/cogeneration plants are also growing. These concern, among other things, the system and and terrain protection, which must also withstand extreme extreme weather conditions, such as flooding.

Especially in the case of wind turbines, it is  inconvenient for people on the ground, but indispensable in the air: the so-called obstacle lighting - the constant flashing on the tower to prevent to prevent collisions in the air and water.

Even inside a wind turbine the protection does not stop inside a wind turbine either: emergency lighting must be installed both in the wind turbine pulpit and in the tower. The light inside the tower must continue to illuminate the way for service personnel for at least one hour after a power failure.

Examplesystem: LLT 2401

Environmental engineering

Emissions- and immission test

A harmonious coexistence of residential and industrial areas can be impaired by odour immissions. In order to generate objective data and optimize industrial plants and, if necessary products, there is a need for constant control, which is guaranteed by DC UPSs.

Data backup

In all individual applications, it must not be forgotten:
As invisible as electricity, immissions and emissions are also the data to be protected, which is always being stored, transmitted and secured at all times - even in the event of a power failure!