DC-UPS Modules


USV-Modul series DUR in 24V DC with 5A to 75A


UPS-module, designed for the system operation with a regulated charger and ext. batteries


UPS-Module with high output power series NBC 48 C 48V with up to 25A


UPS-Modul series TWIN C in 12V DC / 24V DC with 5A to 40A and 48V DC with 10A

Sine inverter series WR 12V/24V up to 600W

WR series DC-AC converters have a 2:1 input range, a built-in alarm, and an on/off switch. In addition to the high efficiency, the WR is characterized by its short-circuit resistance.


CUM 12V & CUM 24V - DC-UPS-Module with Supercaps, charging unit and UPS-control unit

Serie Port 24V / 2A

DC-UPS-system PORT 2402